Higher Education and Tertiary Policy

The Higher Education and Tertiary Policy directorate provides high-level advice and develops NSW positions on higher education issues for State and national forums. The directorate liaises with other states, territories and the Commonwealth on tertiary policy and implementation issues, coordinates advice to support NSW strategic priorities for higher education, and manages strategic tertiary education projects and initiatives. The directorate also manages consultation with the NSW Vice-Chancellors’ Committee and other stakeholders, and is responsible for administering the legislative responsibilities of the Minister for Education for NSW universities.

Andrew Rolfe(Higher Education and Tertiary Policy)

Andrew Rolfe is Director Higher Education and Tertiary Policy. Andrew leads the division's work in providing tertiary education policy advice to government, in initiating and driving strategic initiatives aimed at widening access to tertiary education and in liaising with tertiary sector stakeholders and managing regulatory and legislative reform in the sector. He has worked in a range of senior positions in the Department of Education and the former Board of Studies NSW. He has also worked as a teacher in government schools and in adult education in a range of settings in both New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Andrew has a BA (Communication) with first class honours from the University of Technology Sydney, a Graduate Diploma in Media and a Diploma in Special Education.