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External Relations Policy

External Relations Policy works to develop and implement policies that make it possible for all children to have the quality of education needed to meet their full potential.

The Directorate does this by developing and negotiating key national funding agreements with the Commonwealth that provide $2 billion p.a. in funding to support education in NSW. This includes core funding agreements for schools such as the National Education Reform Agreement which combines reform and targeted investment to lift student outcomes. Targeted national partnerships across Government and non-Government schools as well as in early childhood are also managed by External Relations.

Working with partners across all school sectors, early childhood and Higher Education, the Directorate supports the Secretary of the Department, Ministers and the Government in shaping and negotiating national policy initiatives that strengthen NSW reform efforts. The Directorate does this through COAG Ministerial Council and Ministerial Companies, through officials forums and through submissions to national and State inquiries.

For non-government schools the Directorate works with the sector to assure Government and the public that the $1 billion pa investment by the State is effectively targeted and accountability is maintained. Through support for the Not For Profit Advisory Committee the Directorate manages compliance with State regulations which ensure that all school resources are focussed on providing the best education for students.

The Directorate also has responsibility for national copyright issues on behalf of all of Australia’s schools and TAFEs. The Directorate works to increase the amount of materials that schools and TAFEs can access without cost being a barrier. Developing and advocating for reforms that support these objectives is also critical to the Directorate’s work.

External Relations Policy ran the NSW Education Symposium held in Sydney on 27th-28th October 2016.

The NSW Education Symposium brought together national and international experts and thought leaders from academia, school education and business to foster new insights and explore future, possible, reform directions to drive systematic school and classroom level improvement.

Key themes explored through the symposium included enhancing teacher quality, school and classroom improvement, curriculum and assessment and personalised learning.

You can find the symposium summary here.

Martin Graham(External Relations Policy)

Martin Graham is Executive Director, External Relations Policy. His responsibilities include negotiating and managing key national funding agreements with the Commonwealth that provide funds for government and non-government schools and for early childhood in NSW. The Directorate is responsible for national initiatives, policy development and projects relating to early childhood and schooling as well as managing and advising on NSW participation in national education forums. His area of responsibility also covers advice to the Minister in relation to non-government schools policy and funding matters. Martin has worked in strategic planning and policy roles in education and training for over 20 years.